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The Francis Family located in Arusha, Tanzania is a family of 8 who were living in an incredibly unstable and desolate home environment before coming into the the care of The Small Things. Happiness, Glory, Pendo and Ndetaulwa were referred to TST in early 2019 by local social services after it became unsafe for them to stay at home, due to mental illness in the family and an unsuitable home environment. We have decided to partner with The Small Things in support of the four siblings and their parents by building and constructing a stable environment in order to dramatically improve their living conditions and the quality of their lives. Here at Project Rose, we were able to witness in person how the children are thriving at Happy Family Children's Village under the care of TST's mamas (childcare staff), and how they very are doing well at school. The transformation observed while spending time with the children and understanding where it all began has lended heartfelt motivation on seeing this mission through to its completion. It is our hope that improvements to the family home will allow them to return home for short school breaks to spend time with their parents and two older brothers.


To learn more and support this family in need, please click the link below.

Any questions or concerns? Please direct them to - thank you!

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