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Sahil's Mercy Life home

This orphanage is located in Pakistan. Sahil's father adopted these children from the city of Gojra where muslims violently attack the Christian community. Sahil's father died from a heart attack in 2016 and he has taken on the mantle of providing these parentless children with a safe environment amongst extremely hostile conditions.

We are focused on basic provision for each child, holistic health care and the implementation of educational & trade programs.




The Kyosei Training Centre of Arusha, Tanzania was founded by Steven Saning'o in 2015 and provides impoverished, abandoned and shunned children and young people with empowering opportunities and second chances at a hopeful future.


The training centre currently has 3 classrooms to developmentally assist children with tailored programs in order to excel in trade, academic, vocational and environmental sustainabilitiy fields.

We are focused on building a total of 9 more class rooms and sponsoring individual children to support tuition and their overall future.