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Native Woman Empowered

The Full Story

Native Woman Empowered is a social business program aimed towards providing resources, financial services and entrepreneurial support to unemployed and vulnerable women (and men) in developing nations. We provide them with wholistic solutions that are not readily available to them due to their circumstances. This program largely serves unemployed or low-income and at-risk individuals or groups who otherwise would have no access to the items necessary for their success what-so-ever.

What makes us unique?

While we introduce each NWE participant to the local farming and agricultural trade, we also work with brands, companies and businesses as well. We engage several components of operation from sourcing their materials to developing and manufacturing products to sell in the marketplaces. While we give brands and the products they sell new and even greater meaning - our partnership in turn provides opportunities of excellence, vocational training and higher levels of self sufficiency for native women (and men) in developing nations.



Agricultural trades fuel the world's economy. We provide suppliers with a plethora of natural foods and materials while serving to impact national economies in developing inner regions and nations. Not only do we provide training and jobs to locals who are unemployed or for those who come from low income household dynamics - we connect nations - allowing them to become one tribe.



Our livestock rotation program allows vulnerable families to begin their livestock journey through systemized rotational patterns allotting each family a cow, goat or chicken with each rotation. During the time of insemination and birth, each family is trained and readied for the road ahead with growth and sustainability plan.


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