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"No Longer Left Behind"

In memory of Dr. Terence G Klingele, the TGK Children's Home of Arusha, Tanzania gives hope and a brighter future to those in need. It is a safe home for at-risk, vulnerable and needy young people enrolled in our camps and seasonal programs. The children and young people of TGK Arusha have all come from living conditions and environments that heavily put their life and future at risk. However, they are now being granted with the chance of putting their best foot forward in this life.

Meet The Team


Your contributions will go towards funding the TGK children's boarding and around the clock care during their stay at the TGK Children's Home. Your donations also go towards transition and re-unification planning constructed for each child's case. Upon completing different programs, the children and young people of TGK are awarded scholarships that cover their educational needs such as general school fees, uniforms, books, transportation, meal fees etc. TGK Arusha is also building the classroom and dorm room needed on the TGK property in support of the children's home curriculum. Please consider donating to this significant cause.


As our site continues to be developed, please stay tuned for individual child profiles and more specified sponsor opportunities. 

PRG is a 501c3 organization. Once you donate, you are eligable to claim appropriate tax deductions.


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